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UK Tier 5 Youth Mobility Scheme

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Tier 5 work visa is a point based system that allows temporary workers and 18-30 year olds in the Youth Mobility Scheme to travel to the UK and undertake short-term temporary employment to satisfy basically non-financial objectives.  Tier 5 is proposed to make sure that the UK will continue to obtain the cultural, religious, social and international development advantages of specific types of temporary workers and youth mobility.

Candidates can apply through one of the following category under Tier 5:

  • Temporary worker – creative and sporting
    This category is for the people going to the UK as sportsperson, performers or creative artists for short duration of time, chiefly to perform, compete or otherwise take active part in one or sequence of events.
  • Temporary worker - Charity Workers
    This category is designed for the people who go to the UK as voluntary workers for a charity.
  • Temporary worker – Religious Workers
    This category is for the migrants going to the UK as religious worker in a non-pastoral role, where the responsibilities include the stage act of religious rites but not preaching to a gathering, or as a visiting religious worker.
  • Temporary worker – Government Authorised Exchange
    This category is for the immigrants going to the UK through approved schemes meant at contributing knowledge, experiences and best practices.
  • Temporary worker – International Agreement This category is for the immigrants who are going to the UK under agreement to provide a service that is covered under international law, including GATS, similar mutual contracts, employees of overseas governments and international organisations, and the provision for private servants in diplomatic households.

Youth Mobility Scheme

This category is designed for the people who wish to travel to the UK to satisfy mainly non-economic objectives.

Tier 5 Visa Assessment
All temporary workers will need to obtain an entry clearance in the category under which they are applying and will need to prove that they have enough points to be eligible. Points will be considered against 2 sets of criteria and rewarded based on a valid sponsorship certificate issued by the applicants licensed sponsor and proof that immigrant has satisfactory funds to support him/herself.

The requirements for the Youth Mobility Scheme are discussed below:

  • Applicants should be citizen of a country participating in this scheme (or a British Overseas Citizen (BOC); a British Overseas Territories Citizen (BOTC); or a British National (Abroad) (BN(o));
  • Applicants must be sponsored by their national government (unless they are a BOC, BOTC or BN(o));
  • Applicant must be aged between 18 and 30 years inclusive;
  • Applicants need to satisfy a fund requirement test to ensure that they will not draw on public funds or become needy during his/her stay;
  • Applicants must not have any dependent children; and
  • Applicants must not have earlier spent time in the UK on a working holidaymaker or a Youth Mobility Scheme.

Creative & Sporting Workers

Immigrants who wish to work in the UK for short period of time say up to 12 months as sports person, entertainers or creative artists can do so under this category

This category do not include for the people who are present in the UK under the permit-free concessions for performers, comprising permit-free festivals, and sports persons.

People who intend to operate in the creative industries can apply for a licence for creative artists and their employees.



  • Category 1: The immigrant needs continuity in the creative sector.
    Under this category the immigrant would have worked for a duration of about one month or greater on the same production outside the EEA (European Economic Area) prior coming to the UK. Same production means the one which is highly the same in terms of direction and designs as the production apart the European Economic Area.
  • Category 2: The immigrant has international position in the creative sector
    This category specifies that the immigrant has international fame in their particular field. This is different to being renowned only in one country.
  • Category 3: The immigrant within the profession of creative sector is established at the highest level.
    This category specifies that the immigrant has performed at the greatest level and has established fame in their profession. This category also comprises of people and groups who are engaged to entertain or do work which only they can do.
  • Category 4: The immigrant is occupied by a unit company within the creative sector
    A unit company is a big group of performers who have often performed together in their own country and abroad as part of a recognized production prior coming to the UK. A team formed particularly for the UK tour will not be classed as a unit company. Pop music is not classed as unit companies.

 Eligibility criteria for creative & sporting workers

In order to get the licence as a sponsor of sports people, the applicant must be a sporting body, sports association, events/affairs organiser or other organiser operating, or having a purpose to operate in the sporting sector. An agent cannot be a sponsor under the creative & sporting workers category.

General requirements

Applicant must be a sportsperson who are established at the utmost level in their sport internationally; and/or whose job will make a considerable contribution to the development and operation of their particular sport in the UK; and/or coaches who must be suitably eligible for the job.

Though immigrants under this category need not have a governing body endorsement to get consent to enter or stay, the applicants must ensure that they follow the criteria set for the particular category prior to issuing a certificate of sponsorship. If a sport does not have a governing body acknowledged by the country of residence of sports councils, other pertinent sporting bodies, for example, the Central Council of Physical Recreation, that is a national alliance of governing and legal representative bodies of sport and recreation, whether there is a suitable body.

Youth Mobility Scheme

This is a cultural exchange scheme designed to produce reciprocal youth mobility opportunities for young people from participating countries and the UK.

This category allows youth from participating countries to go to the UK and experience life in the UK for up to 2 years, participating in the economy by working, paying taxes and expenses on goods and services whilst young UK nationals enjoy same opportunities in those countries.


Applicants from non-EC countries need to make sure that their country has agreed responsibility for their participating citizens and offer a reciprocal youth mobility opportunities for the UK nationals.

General Requirements

Applicants must possess a valid passport for a participating nation and a certificate of sponsorship issued by their government. They need to provide proofs that they have enough funds to support themselves in the UK and they must be aged between 18 and 30.

Minimum of 1000 places in this category are allocated to each country.

Specific Requirements

In order to succeed applicants must gain 50 points from the sponsorship, age and maintenance categories.



Points scored


Valid passport for a country with deemed sponsorship



Applicants will gain points if you are between 18 and 30 age



Applicants must provide proof that they have minimum of £1600 that you can use to support them whilst in the UK.



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Visa Fee

The fee for applicants under Tier 5 (Youth mobility scheme) of the points-based system is £194.

Disclaimer: Embassy charges are subjected to change without prior notice. Please confirm before submitting the application.

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