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UK Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa

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Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) is designed for non-European migrants who want to invest in UK either by setting up or acquiring companies. They should intend to get involved actively in the running of, a business or businesses. This entrepreneur visa is a points-based system which targets migrants from outside Europe.  Applicants should invest a minimum of £200,000 and should work full time to run the business.

Residency under this visa

If you successfully apply for a visa under Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) from outside the UK, you can come here for a maximum period of 3 years and 4 months. Towards the end of this period, you must apply to extend your stay if you want to continue living here.

Entrepreneur Visa holders are allowed to bring dependants (children under 18 years of age, or your husband, wife, civil partner, or unmarried or same-sex partner) to the UK.

Your permission to stay will be subject to the following conditions:

  • you will have no access to public funds, which means that you will not be able to claim most benefits paid by the state;
  • you must register with the police if required; and
  • you cannot take any employment other than working for the business or businesses that you have established, joined or taken over.

Points Based System for the Visa

A total score of 95 points is required to qualify for Entrepreneur Visa. Points are given on basis of funds, English language ability and maintenance funds.

Access to investment funds


You have access to not less than £200,000


You have access to not less than £50,000 from:

  • 1 or more registered venture capital firms regulated by the Financial Services Authority;
  • 1 or more UK entrepreneurial seed funding competitions listed as endorsed on the UK Trade and Investment website, or
  • 1 or more UK government departments, which have made the funds available for the specific purpose of establishing or expanding a UK business.


You have access to not less than £50,000 and:

  • are applying for leave to remain; and
  • have, or were last granted, leave as a Tier 1 (Graduate entrepreneur) migrant.


You have access to not less than £50,000 and:

  • are applying for leave to remain; and
  • have, or were last granted, leave as a Tier 1 (Post-study work) migrant; and
  • were registered with HM revenue and Customs as self-employed, or a registered director of a new or existing business no more than 3 months before your application; and
  • are engaged in business activity, other than the work necessary to administer your business. Your occupation must appear on the list of occupations at the National Qualifications Framework level 4 and above, as stated in the codes of practice for Tier 2 sponsors.

25 points

These funds are held in 1 or more regulated financial institutions

25 points

These funds are disposable (free to spend) in the UK

25 points

English language


You can speak English to the required standard

10 points



You have enough money to support yourself while you are in the UK

10 points


Visa doesn’t allow the following investments:

  • Include the value of any residential accommodation or property development, or property management; or
  • Be in the form of a director's loan, unless it is unsecured and is subordinated in favour of the third-party creditors.

Documents Required

  1. Evidence of access to investment funds
  2. Evidence of your English language ability
  3. Evidence of maintenance
  4. Evidence of financial sponsor's consent (if you have recently been a UK student)
  5. Photographs and passport

Visa Fee


  Fee if you are applying by post in the UK Fee if you are applying in person inside the UK Fee if you are applying outside the UK
Main applicant £1,020 £1,326 £816
Main applicant (if they are a national of Croatia, Turkey or FYR of Macedonia) £918 £1,193 £734
Partner or child aged under 18 (if they are applying at the same time as the main applicant) £510 for each family member included on the main applicant's application form £663 for each family member included on the main applicant's application form £816 for each family member
Partner or child aged under 18 (if they are applying later), or child aged over 18 £561 for each family member £867 for each family member £816 for each family member

Disclaimer: Embassy charges are subjected to change without prior notice. Please confirm before submitting the application.

Process Flow


Step 1: Sign up with Opulentus

Step 2: Your case officer will guide you regarding all relevant documents

Step 3: Submit your documents at visa application centers

Step 4: Fingerprints and photograph (known as biometric information) will be collected by UK embassy at visa application centers

Opulentus Fees, Cost & Refund Policy

Our service fee is Competitive & among the best you will find in the industry. At any given time, our state of the art Processing Centre is processing over 5000 active cases from across the world. Our processes are standard & Process Consultants are the best in the world.

Our Prices are standard across all our offices. We guarantee that other than company offers & promotions, you will not be quoted a higher price & eventually pay a lower price. Prices are determined by the company & are fixed for all clients, offices & cases. You know you are paying the right price – the same as all our 10000+ clients around the world.

Please refer to our Price List & Fee Schedule


Opulentus Services

Opulentus will make sure to guide you for your application process with best possible documentation. We will assist you in

  • Calculate your points based on documents and data provided by you
  • Expert guidance on documentation required and alternatives to documents; if you don’t have any
  • Up – to – date guidance as per country’s changing policies, standards, norms etc
  • Post Landing assistance – as we want to be sure that you settle in UK in the best possible manner

Post Landing & Resettlement Services


  • Accommodation assistance
  • Airport Pickup – at client’s cost
  • Guidance on travelling to and settling in UK

Why Start up in UK?


UK is a valued and developed market with companies from diversified sectors. Firms from pharmaceuticals, fashion, engineering and advanced manufacturing to primary food production and including world leading businesses in space technology, aerospace and automotive engineering have settled their business here. UK has been a favored destination for investors due to its location, cosmopolitan customers and easily available business partners.

Some of the unique features of UK market are:

  • Flexible labour market
  • Multiple trade options
  • Rich and developed economy
  • High standard of living, education and health care
  • Government support
  • More options of business banking services
  • Online services to manage financial transitions and government services


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