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Offering a peaceful environment and high standard of living, Norway, the country of Midnight Sun attracts foreign nationals to settle here for work and study. The country has an important stake in health, oil, IT, hospitality, chemical and fishing industries.

  • Robust job market
  • Sky-rocketing economy
  • Health facilities
  • Educational facility
  • High quality of living
  • Safety
  • Social security and services
  • Pristine nature
Benefits of Settling in Norway

Norway is a beautiful and developing country to settle in. Norway government offers many welfare schemes. Some of them are:

  • You can bring your spouse, partners and families immediately
  • You are free to live and work in Norway for a indefinite period
  • You are allowed to invest or run a business
  • You are eligible for repeated entry in to the country
  • You are protected against expulsion
Job Market:

Norway job market has ample opportunities for foreign nationals in sectors like:

  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical facilities
  • Engineers
  • Educational professionals
Settle in Norway:

Norway is included in Schengen territory. It has various visas designed to attracted foreign nationals settle and start a new life in Norway. Some of the famous Norway Visas are:

1. Norway Job Seeker Visa:

Introduced specially for jobseekers, Norway Job Seeker Visa allows you to go to Norway and search a job there. On getting a job, the applicant is eligible for Resident Permit.


Norway Job Seeker Visa allows an individual to

  • Go to Norway for a particular time and search a job
  • Explore Norway job market and select a suitable employer
  • Apply for a Residence Card on getting a suitable job
  • Access all the facilities alike a citizen; except voting rights and country passport
  • Apply for a Permanent Residence after a continuous stay of 3 years
2. Norway Skilled Worker Visa:

If you have a concrete job offer in hand from an employer in Norway, you can apply for an entry in Norway under this visa.

The job offer should specify:

  • Job position
  • Hourly wage
  • Number of working hours
  • Duration of employment

You can also change your employer till the validity of permit, provided your job profile is the same for which you were granted skilled worker visa.

3. Norway Student Visa:

Norway Student Visa is required if you wish to study in Norway for a period more than 3 months.

To go to Norway under a Student Visa, you should have an admission invitation from a Norwegian university/college. You need to prove that:

  • You are admitted to full time education program in Norway
  • You have sufficient financial means
  • You have a guaranteed accommodation
  • You will leave Norway once your permit expires

Norway Visas

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