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Latvia Becomes Most Sought After Destination

Latvia is officially referred as Republic of Latvia, which is a country in the Baltic region of northern Europe. The country’s overall population is 1,997,500 and a territory of 64,589 km. Latvia is one of the schengen member countries which have joined the European Union in the year 2004 and the currency in Latvia is Euro.

Tourism In Latvia:

To Visit Latvia one should have a Schengen Visa that permits individuals to travel to other 25 countries around Latvia. People from various countries prefer to visit Latvia because of its low tax rates, reasonable living expenses and picturesque. Latvian Tourism Development Agency has granted an enduring strategy for tourism development in 2010. The main significant areas were described and the basic market for tourism influx was segmented. Focused and customized to individual markets, promotional campaigns resulted to immediate results in 2011. Number of traveler from USA has risen to 14%, whereas from Estonia, Norway and Denmark the rise was up to 13%.

Natural and cultural tourism are the key aspects of the country tourism policy, subsequent to recreational, medical, and business tourism. Continuous synchronized attempts on a national scale are likely to expand the average length of stay in the nation, and generate business opportunities not only for supplier of travel lodging, but also for further players in travel and tourism.

Latvia is an enticing destination for medical visitor; due to professional and European legislation services and viable prices. Some consultations and treatments are accessible for prices, which are approximately less than 40 to 60% when compare to other Western European nations.

A number of people from various countries desire to visit Latvia on Latvia Visitor Visa which is also known as Schengen Visa. Through the Latvia Visitor Visa people can enter Latvia for the purpose of sightseeing and visiting friends and family members. Overseas nationals are permitted to stay up to 90 days on Visitor Visa.

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