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Ireland is a beautiful country with green mountains and pleasant climate. The country's booming economy and its location (beside UK) makes it a favourite place for industry leaders. Growing businesses and industries has opened the job market and flourished the economy.


  • Growing Economy
  • Rising Job Market
  • Health Facilities
  • World class Educational Institutions
  • Safety

Benefits of Settling in Ireland

Ireland's proximity to UK has acted as a catalyst for the country's economy, job market and growth. Foreigners willing and eligible for "Long Term Residency" must have stayed and worked for a period of 5 years or 60 months on either work permit, work visa or work authorization.

Some of the few advantages of settling in Ireland are:

  • Right to stay and do job in Ireland for 5 years
  • Entitled to open or run a business or to be self-employed
  • Spouse or dependent can accompany you and apply for work permit
  • Rights to social benefits
Job Market:

Ireland is a growing economy, hence the job market is booming in this country. People from across the world can find jobs in the following sector.

  • Medical facilities
  • Social Worker
  • Managers
  • Construction Industry
  • Engineers
Settle in Ireland:

There are different type of Visas for entering Ireland for study, work, permanent residency and business.

Ireland Tourist Visa:

Foreign nationals can visit for a period not exceeding 3 months after which they must return to their home country.

Visa Requirements:

  • Valid Passport
  • Hotel Booking
  • Employment letter in native country
  • Financial Support for the entire stay

Ireland Student Visa:

A letter of acceptance from a University or College is required for this Visa. This visa is valid for the study duration only. You can pursue your higher education from Ireland and capitalize on your chances of settling in the countries.

Ireland Green Card Scheme:

A job offer with a known and registered company of Ireland is required for this Visa. Initial grant is for 2 years, afterwards can be extended. Either the employee or the employer can apply for this Visa.

Job Offer must have;
Full description of the proposed offer
Joining Date
Annual salary, excluding bonus
Detail information on qualification, skills, and experience required for the job.

There are 2 different schemes available for Greencard permit according to your salary.

1. Salary of EUR 60,000/year or more (excluding bonuses): Greencard is issued for all jobs, excluding those which are not in favor of public interest.

2. Salary of EUR 30,000 - 59,999 (excluding bonuses): This Greencard permit is issued only for a restricted number of strategically important occupations.

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