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France Student Visa Guidance

If you wish to study in France you will require a Student Visa to do so.

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Students can avail customized service under France Student Visa Guidance. The services offered under the guidance are:

  • Mock Visa Interviews
  • Student Counseling Programs
  • Visa Documentation
  • Visa Guidance

Note: Applicants can avail any one of the above service.

Types of Student Visa

There are three kinds of student visas available, depending upon the length of studies in France as indicated in the letter of enrollment:

  • A Schengen visa, multiple entries, for a stay up to 3 months: the student should use the short stay visa application form
  • The temporary long stay visa (from 3 to 6 months), multiple entries, is valid for the whole stay. The student does not need a residency card. The student uses the long term visa application form
  • One year-visa (stay over 6 months): the visa is valid 3 months, 1 entry. The student should use the long term visa application form. Within this delay, and after the arrival in France, the students must complete the proper documentation with the French school or university; have to go for a medical check-up to a doctor from the “Office des Migrations Internationales”. Then they should contact the "Prefecture de police" in order to obtain the student residency card (carte de sejour) and present there the visa, the original documents previously required for the visa, a birth certificate and the medical results.

Requirements for a student visa

You will need to furnish the original and one copy of:

  • A proof of studies in the USA (letter from the school or university)
  • A letter of admission from the school which the applicant plans to attend to in France
  • Financial guarantee such as a notarized statement certifying that the applicant will be provided with a monthly allowance of $600.00 for the duration of his/her stay in France, or a proof of personal income along with a letter from school stating that room, board, and tuition are fully prepaid (+ 1 copy). If the host provides the student with a letter attesting that the lodging will be free of charges, and a copy of his/her pictured I.D., an allowance of $400.00 will be accepted. (Be sure to check on these money minimums, as they can change)

To know more about the documents required and visa fees contact OPULENTUS – THE VISA COMPANY.

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Visa Fee

Visa fee for Student Visa is INR 3571.

Disclaimer: Embassy charges are subjected to change without prior notice. Please confirm before submitting the application.

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