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Known for its 300 different kinds of cheese and the best wines, France is certainly one of the strongest countries in terms of politics and economy in Europe. Paris, capital of France is termed as the style and fashion capital. It is among UK's largest export market and around 2,000 small and big UK companies are operating in France either through subsidiaries, partnerships or joint ventures. Sectors like aerospace, pharmaceuticals; automotive, industrial machinery, tourism, food and drink, and clothing and accessories have got a strong hold in the country. These industries witness a steady growth in terms of profits and their expansion. France holds a strong position in the EU and G8 countries.

  • Steady job market
  • Stable economy
  • Beautiful cities and places
  • Happy and friendly people
  • Well-connectivity to all the parts of the world
  • Temperate Climate
Benefits of Settling in France

France's stable job market and economy and its trade relationship with UK have made it one of the most favourable countries for immigrants. Well connectivity and the exquisite and relaxed life style is an added benefit. A few benefits of settling in France are:

  • Dynamic housing market
  • Job opportunities
  • Excellent children day care facilities
  • Free education
  • Abundant water, gas and electricity resources
  • Relaxed and carefree lifestyle
  • Natural beauty
Job Market:

France's stable and steady economy has ensured a constant demand for skilled and unskilled labourers. With more than 1 million immigrants, France is known for its hospitality and French are known for their friendly and polite behavior. Sectors in demand are

  • Service industries like hotels, malls, lodges, hospitality and media
  • Networking
  • Engineering
  • Social Workers
  • Tourism
  • Construction
  • Leather Industry
  • Paper and Pulp Industry
Settling in France

Skill and Talents Card for Skilled Labourers:

Introduced in May 2006, French parliament launched the "Skills and Talents Card (Carte Compétences et Talents)". This card comes with a validity of 3 years and is renewable.

This card is issued if only your personality and talent will be helpful to the development of France. This card permits a migrant to do a job in France and also to get hold of temporary residence cards. These temporary residence cards are also known as 'Private and family life cards' (Carte Vie Privée et Familiale).

Documents required for this visa are:

  • Valid Passport
  • Educational documents
  • Previous employment documents
  • Sufficient funds to sustain the stay and education fee
Study Visa:

4 types of student visas can be issued to foreigners as per their requirements. 2 short duration visas are available for a period of 90 days maximum. 1 long duration student visas allow staying in France for 3 to 6 months while the other permits a stay of 1 year.

Following documents are required for a student visa:

  • Valid Passport
  • Admission letter from university or college
  • Sufficient funds to sustain the stay and education fee
  • Educational Documents

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