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European Union Blue Card

The EU Blue Card was introduced as a card at par with US Green Card to attract skilled manpower from various parts of world.
European Union predicts a requirement of 20 million skilled migrants over next 20 years. Healthcare, Science & Information Technology Sectors, Engineering, and tourism sector are in urgent need of highly skilled professionals to fill their top level positions; hence Blue Card is considered as a crucial avenue for EU to fill these positions.

Following countries accept skilled workers through Blue Card Scheme:

Austria Belgium Bulgaria Cyprus
Czech Republic Estonia Finland France
Germany Greece Hungary Italy
Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg Malta
Netherlands Poland Portugal Romania
Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden
Features of EU Blue Card:
  • EU Blue card system is single card for both work and residence permit
  • The card permits highly educated and skilled foreigners to stay and work in the EU
  • On completion of initial 2 years in the card issue country, migrant can move to any country under the Blue Card Agreement
  • On completion of 5 years in a country under Blue Card, a migrant can apply for PR
EU Blue Card Scheme benefits:
  • Same working and salary conditions as the country nationals
  • Right to socio-economic rights
  • Perfect for family reunification
  • Freedom to associate
  • Blue Card makes it easy for migrants to get a Permanent Residence, after staying for 5 years in the same country
  • Free to travel anywhere in European Union
  • Tax benefits, pension funds, social benefits to be same as a citizen of that country
  • Enjoy Free education
Blue Card can be provided under the below conditions:
  • If you are a Non-EU national
  • If you have a Higher Educational Qualification
  • If you have a valid work contract or a binding job opportunity in EU
  • Migrant must stay in the same country from where the card is issued for initial 2 years